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pool service san ramonHow does your pool look this year? How about your pump, sweeps, filters, and equipment? Is everything clean and ready for the coming swim season? How about the chemicals? All stocked up and ready to go another year? OK, I'll stop. I know that for most people reading those sentences is a painful experience as they bring up feelings of dread, knowing that you need to play a little catch up after months of neglect.

Pools are incredible things as they bring family and friends together, create hours of simple entertainment, and refresh you like nothing else can on hot summer days. They are the best things in the world and I highly recommend that anyone that is on the fence in getting one, should pull the trigger and do it today. That is how I really feel. I love my pool. What I do not love is all the work that goes into maintaining it.

Wouldn't it be great if the pool were just perfect all of the time? If we did not have to think about chemical balance, cleaning filter, skimming, sweeping and vacuuming the bottom? What if you could have a pool that you never thought about except for when you wanted to use it, that would be great.

Did you know that having that experience is actually possible? It really is. In fact it is exactly how I have had my pool for the last two years because I decided to hire a local San Ramon pool service. That's right, I am living like the rich do, perfect pool all of the time without one worry in the world. How can I afford it? Well that is an interesting question.

The fact is that my pool service hardly costs me anything. When I began to calculate the hours and hours I spent worrying about maintenance, the money I was wasting on not buying chemicals in bulk, the money wasted in having to alwys pay retail for filters and other supplies it became clear to me that I would be better off hiring a San Ramon pool service.

Did you know that a pool service saves you money on chemicals? They do because they only use what is necessary and because they clean the pool regularly, they never need to overdose the pool to shock it back into shape each summer. Turns out that regular maintenance is better than periodic overhauls.

They also do all of the little repairs on pipes and tubes for free, just because they can. The also keep an eye on all of the equipment, thus making certain no little problems grow into expensive repairs. I also save money because the equipment works more efficiently when the pool is actually cleaned regularly. No longer must my equipment struggles under the added burden of having dirty filters or trying to clean water that is beyond their capacity.

All in all I found that having a San Ramon pool service was more affordable than doing everything myself, because in the end, I never really did it myself except in emergencies. Take a good look at your habits, your pool expenses, and you might just find that hiring a San Ramon pool service will save you money too.

- by John Brooks 5/16/2013

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